Tile Underlayments
Ceramic Tile Underlayment for Tile Installation

Tile Underlayment

Tile Underlayments

Technology sure has changed for underlayments when it comes to ceramic tile installations. Tile membranes come in roll on applications, interlocking squares sheet membranes, roll formed fabric membranes, and many other shapes and sizes.

The type of tileunderlayments that seems to be advertised the most happen to be offered in roll form, such as Ditra, Prova Flex, USG Durock Tile Underlayment, and Securmat. There are roll-on tileunderlayments on the market that have been gaining in popularity, such as Ardex 8+9 and Greenseel. Roll-on tileunderlayments can save you time due to the installation process, however may require time for drying before tile can be installed. Each tile membrane listed is installed differently. Some use unmodified thin-set, which is old technology. Other tile membranes, which embrace changing times, are offering new technology. Improved underlayments allow you the use of modified thin-sets, and the ability to use a different setting adhesive to create crack isolation on bad concrete floors.

It is very important to use the correct tile underlayment. If you don't, you could have an installation failure down the road. Tiles cracking, popping, grout cracks; it happens so much, and it's because not too many are willing to take the time to learn about the different ceramic tile underlayment options available today. It's no longer one underlayment can do it all. Some can be used in different applications, but a majority of the time, you will find an underlayment for tile that will work better than others for your specific installation task.

So where do you buy your tile underlayment? Throughout our site we feature links to wholesalers that offer tile, tile installation, underlayments, and tools. Regardless where you purchase your ceramic tile underlayments, make sure you look for the products suggested on our sites, they are the top of the line, and used by thousands of professional installers, and DIYs.

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Results from Using the right Underlayment

Ceramic Tile Installation  

When you use the correct underlayment for your tile installation, you will have the reinforced confidence of a job well done. With that you'll get the satisfaction of a long lasting, beautiful tiled floor.

Remember, know what you are getting into. Ask questions, and look for the right underlayment for your tile job. Doing it right the first time, will save you time, money and headaches in the months and years to come. Don't take shortcuts to save a buck or two here and there. We see it all the time, some one goes the easy, inexpensive route, and the tile installation fails, which costs twice as much as the original tile installation.





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